First dates are stressful. And preparing for them is the most stressful part of all. You have probably been chatting for a while, but the prospect of face-to-face interaction may still arouse anxiety. It is absolutely natural to feel this way, particularly if your previous experience is limited or non-existent. 

Follow our tips to make sure your first meeting goes smoothly. 

1. Do Not Wait Too Long

Some women feel intimidated when you invite them out within the first minutes of your chat. On the other hand, if you make her wait for ages, you are likely to achieve the same effect. Passivity is just as bad as excessive persistence. 

As a rule of thumb, you should invite her out after a couple of weeks. This suggestion is backed by science. Researchers from the University of Florida have determined the magic number of 23 days

2. Stay Safe

In case of any suspicions, remember that being safe is better than feeling sorry. Some things may seem fishy, but if your gut feeling is rarely correct, you could still go for it, but take precautions.

Suggest meeting in a public place to minimize the risk of anything bad happening. And if you suspect some ulterior motives, excuse yourself and escape. 

3. Pick the Right Outfit

Do not wear anything you feel uncomfortable wearing. If you are a lady, avoid high heels if you always wear flats. That pain in your feet will inhibit your movements, making you act like you are only waiting for the evening to end. 

If you are a man, dress neatly. It is good if the clothes convey your personality. However, they must always be clean and well-ironed.

4. Keep It Simple

Pick some fun activities you think you will both enjoy. As long as it is not too sophisticated, it is a great way to feel the chemistry or lack thereof. Whatever you do, you should have an opportunity to chat in the process. 

Whether it is a movie or lunch, do not plan anything that is too deep. Recent surveys have shown that most Britons prefer casual settings over formal events. 

5. Speak about Appropriate Topics

Keep it positive. Things like death or terrorist attacks do not spur small talk. Instead, share your passions and discuss things that make you feel excited. The biggest taboo is mentioning any other dates you have scheduled. 

Do not complain about the way your devious ex mistreated you. Do not speak about family tragedies or disabilities. In addition, you will leave a positive impression by being modest and avoiding any kind of bragging. 

Good luck on your first date!