Today, most soulmates meet via the Internet. Technological advances have transformed our perception of communication, allowing 24/7 contact. The dating industry was quick to adopt the novelties, and we swipe through profiles on the go. With a smartphone, we can call or text your matches. 

Texting is more suitable than calling in certain cases while calling is superior to texting in others. Here is a look at the major benefits of texting within the broad context of dating. Whether you met on Ladadate or another site, follow these guidelines.

Less Interruption 

A call may disrupt whatever the person is doing. During a working day, it is preferable to text if you want to reach your potential partner. A call may cause annoyance, which hardly works in your favor. Some people just hate being interrupted. Your call will only cause problems, regardless of its nature.

Imagine sitting in the office working to meet a very tight deadline. The task requires total concentration on the challenge at hand. A phone call may ruin the state of flow. A few romantic texts, on the other hand, can be dealt with during a break, when it is most convenient. 

Positive Impression

A well-written text characterizes you as an educated person, which contributes to the overall impression. Aside from showing that you are good with words, it will also convey your attention to detail. 

It shows you are willing to spend some time composing an interesting message. A woman appreciates it when a man can craft a message well. 

Written Record

A text leaves a written record of your arrangements for a date, such as the exact time and place. This is used for future reference if your partner happens to forget the address or the time.

More Convenient

There may be situations when phone calls are inconvenient. For instance, many people dislike speaking on the phone in noisy locations or in public transport. For many of us, background noises make a conversation annoying. 

On a bus or train, it is more preferable to text so that strangers do not overhear your private conversation. After all, romantic exchanges should be kept private. Forcing your partner to share it with a bunch of random people is hardly endearing.


Finally, some people just do not like talking on the phone in general. If you dealing with an introvert, they will surely appreciate your texts more. And if they feel like hearing your voice, they should be allowed to initiate the call. 

Never force it on them. This is a surefire way to scare such a person away. If you are an introvert yourself, you should understand it intuitively. 

However, it must be noted that phone calls are more relevant than texts in certain settings. A phone call gives you both the opportunity to hear each other’s voices in a live conversation. This is an essential element of enchantment and seduction. 

If your partner welcomes phone communication, go for it. But if you are still getting to know each other, at least text first. Find out whether a phone call is really convenient.