Dating is tricky. Unless you are a talented people reader, it takes a while before you understand that a girl you are courting is actually your type. However, this knowledge is crucial. It tells you whether your relationship has a future. So, how can a man check if his lady is really the one?

1. Kindness

This may sound trivial, but kindness is a vital feature for women. Any signs of selfishness or arrogance should make you think twice. After all, you are probably seeking a lady that could become your wife and the mother of your future children. A sassy girl who is self-absorbed can hardly fit the role. 

People rarely change, so if she is irresistibly pretty but cold-hearted, marital bliss is improbable. You need someone who will genuinely care about your feelings. It is also wise to pay attention to the way she treats waiters and other people around. Moments like these show our true personality, even if we do our best to consciously hide it.

2. Ability to Make an Effort

Naturally, this does not mean she must be a workaholic or a high achiever. However, the ability to push herself when necessary is a good sign. Our lives have ups and downs. A perfect partner will be reliable and capable of joining you in overcoming challenges. In a nutshell, make sure she does not expect you to be at her beck and call while she lounges doing nothing. 

3. Shared Values

Perhaps, your system of values is far from the conventional set of priorities. What is essential is making sure her goals and principles match yours. For instance, if you are keen to settle down and start a family with kids while she only wants to explore the world, you are pursuing very different objectives. Unless you both see a possible compromise, the prospects are questionable. 

4. Honesty

This is one of the key personality traits to seek. A relationship built on deception is doomed, but validating a girl’s honesty takes time. Happy couples are founded on trust and mutual respect. Honesty is the best policy.

5. No Judgment

Being judgemental is a negative personality trait. If she is quick to pass negative judgment, regardless of the object, this might mean she will be just as critical towards you once the initial courting period is over. Being with someone who does not accept you as you are is a failed strategy. 

Good luck in finding your lifetime date!