Not all men are naturally romantic or creative. Some struggle to think of any activity to keep their date entertained or at least interested. After all, the two genders are said to have come from two very different planets. However, the Internet will come to your rescue. Here are a few great ideas that a lady is likely to appreciate. 

Things get especially challenging when you invite her to your home. If you have mustered the courage for it, make sure space looks decent and clean. No woman loves a messy apartment with stains on the carpet, an empty fridge, and scattered clothes. 


Here are the essentials for home dates. Follow these guidelines to make a favorable impression. 

3. Put Everything Away

Declutter your space. All items must be in the right places. If tidying is not your strength, make sure you have enough time to prepare. If pushed for time, deal with tasks that bring the most visual improvement. You can handle the rest later if possible. You need a few minutes to pick the stuff from the floor, while the reorganization of your shelves is more time-consuming.

2. Set the Mood

Flowers and candles are surefire ways to create a romantic atmosphere. They will also add to the attractiveness of interior, just like pieces of interesting art or even the simplest decorations. 


1.Board Games

Make sure the game can be played by two people, and it is not too complicated. Scrabble and the like will make your evening fun while requiring you to utilize brainpower. It’s best to get a range of games, so your guest can pick the one she likes most. 

Who knows, maybe shooting at enemy vessels in Battleship is her thing. A simple deck of cards can also supply a wealth of ideas for games. 

2. Music or Movies

If you are not sure who is her favorite singer, or what movie genre she likes, make sure there is a wide array of options. Luckily, the Internet simplifies the task, with tons of multimedia content on Netflix and the like. 

Whether she fancies a western or a romantic flick, you will be able to find and stream it (if you have a subscription, of course). Similarly, music apps for smartphones allow us to pick any suitable playlist. 

It is important to choose the things your partner likes (provided you can at least try to understand it). A movie gives you a reason to sit side by side on the couch and to have a light conversation. 

3. Cook and Eat

Cooking is another fun activity. If she is not into it, while you are a gifted cook, show off your skills and let her sit back and relax. Alternatively, you could suggest creating some exotic dishes together. 


Here, the choice is relatively simple. There are restaurants, cinemas, theaters, and other kinds of cultural events to suggest attending. Depending on her interests, you should be able to pick a movie or performance. Enjoy your date!