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Where Did Elvis Learn To Play Guitair?

It may surprise some people that Elvis Presley was a good guitar player. As a small boy Elvis lived in the cusp of the delta, Tupelo Mississippi. The blues was born in this region among the small towns. Cradled near the borders of Tennessee and Alabama the sounds of the area must have been plentiful. Here he received his first used guitar and learned to pluck. One can imagine in the poor area of Tupelo many of the people played music live as entertainment. As an only child Elvis filled his lonely days with the chords from this Christmas present from his beloved Mother.

The sounds of Nat King Cole, Johnny Mercer and the Ink Spots would have filled the Presley household. During his formative years, music was changing. The combination of crooners, pop groups and big bands would mix with the neighborhood blues to provide the young man with a variety of musical influences. A naturally gifted artist Elvis learned to strum and tap out the notes by ear. Much later at Sam Philips Sun Records Elvis received a little more formal training from the many musicians he met. Playing the guitar brought Elvis into the world of music.The hits keep comin-: The King and the King James Bible

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